Asia’s Melting Pot (Well, One of Them!)

Welcome to Singapore! Land of scrumptious spicy food, beautiful gardens, the island city state! It’s no secret that I love to eat as much as I love to jaunting around. I’m particularly drawn to countries with flavorful food. I also love cuisine which resembles textures and aromas of what my Indian mother and grandmother cooked for me growing up. So, when I had the opportunity to explore Singapore on a 22 hour layover I was ecstatic. Not only did this break up an incredibly long flight to Indonesia, but it also allowed me more time to adjust to jetlag. Forcing myself out into the streets somewhere between 6 and 7am that first morning in Southeast Asia was a challenge. Though the electric quality I felt wandering in such a cosmopolitan city cured (or maybe postponed) my jetlag instantaneously. I was baffled by how much there was to do in such a seemingly small island, the Gardens by the Bay, Little India, Clarke Quay, the Arab Quarter, eating at the hawkers centers around the city, and even Sentosa Island. I was dropped in the land of Buddhist and Hindu temples, saw streets lined with local vendors, as well as ornate mosques, and pristine churches. The city is easily walkable, but it’s far more fun and affordable to use the MRT to get around. Particularly if you go during the hotter months like I did in (June/July/August) when the humidity peaks. My advice is to get out there and select at least one of the many unique neighborhoods to explore. You might need an umbrella, some water and a snack or two. But, all three items can be purchased while you weave your way along vendor lined sidewalks and shopping centers. Singapore has so much to offer in the way of unique architecture, food, art and history. So, it’s worthwhile getting a little exposure at least on a quick layover, if not during a longer stay.

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