The Many Facets of “Being Human”

Tatyana created “Curls ‘Round the World” to share her wild and free life on the road. She’s a wandering woman with big hair and an even bigger heart. Tatyana has traveled solo across 5 continents and firmly believes in the metamorphic nature of travel. Her first trip overseas took her family to India back in 2001. Since then, she has spent the past 15 years sporadically exploring this beautiful planet. She comes from a large patchwork family that encompasses an unfathomable amalgamation of culture; from Austrian to Indian, Cherokee to Russian, Irish to African American. As a result, she’s had the incredible opportunity to grow up around diverse culinary practices, styles of dress, and religious backgrounds (Southern Baptist, Jat Sikh, Jewish, Irish Catholic and Atheist). All of these various expressions of tradition and self have left her with an insatiable desire to learn (experientially) about the many facets of being human.

She continues to inspire others through photo essays and narratives of her wandering ways. She’s a living reminder to get out of your comfort zone and onto the open road! To unplug and reroot, while marveling in the ordinary, which surrounds all of us – both near and far! We need not travel great distances to find beauty or embark upon a transformational journey within. There are infinite opportunities to learn and grow, as we open our hearts and minds to seeing the world from another vantage point. This novel way of seeing ourselves and our world is possible by way of exposure to other lands, experiences, and alternative ways to understand a meaningful life.

As a plant-based, activist, environmentalist, and feminist, Tatyana’s committed to leaving this world a little better than she found it. After graduating magna cum laude (high honors) with her bachelors degree in Anthropology, she set her sights on the remaining two continents on her list. In addition, she is taking shorter trips to Hawaii and Korea to visit some of the people she loves most in this world. Stashed between grand adventures she is becoming re-immersed in the natural splendor that is her homeland, Northern California. Tatyana continually strives to remind other travelers how important it is to treasure the lands we frequent the most, just as much as those that are coveted for their far off or more “exotic” qualities.

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